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Why Do We Give?

Posted by My Sister's Closet

From the first month in 1991 when my sisters and I started My Sister’s Closet, we donated our unsold inventory to the thrift stores of local animal shelters. Since then we have given millions of dollars in product and cash to save the lives of those who can't speak for themselves.  The return has been immeasurable.  Rarely a day goes by where a customer in one of our stores doesn't go out of their way to share that they shop with us because of our commitment to help suffering and homeless animals.

In 2013, we set a company record, donating 32% of our net profits from My Sister’s Closet to those in need. In 2014, we created our own 501c3 organization called My Sisters’ Charities and thrift store in AZ. This small store not only recycles the items that don’t sell in our regular stores, but the profits have been donated to many groups totaling well over $1.4million in just a few short years. From Fresh Start Women’s Foundation to SW Autism Center to Defenders of Wildlife, we chose to help wildlife, women and homeless pets.

In 2018 and 2019, my sister Tess and I chaired “Compassion with Fashion” a fundraiser to benefit the AZ Humane Society. We set a new record in 2018 by raising $1.1million and then chaired the event again in 2019 and raised a record $1.3million for homeless pets in the Phoenix area. 

I have personally served on the boards for the AZ Humane Society, The Phoenix Art Museum, Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, and several other nonprofits. Not only do we give in kind and cash donations, we give our time and creativity.

Now Helen Woodward Humane Society and Last Chance at Life in the San Diego area join our list of beneficiaries for donations. We literally give truckloads of thrift items every week to their thrift stores. These in kind donations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2019 for homeless pets in CA. 

We also give truckloads of unsold product to the AZ Humane Society thrift stores every week resulting in record sales once again to benefit dogs and cats.

The sisters behind My Sister’s Closet and My Sister’s Attic are proud to help the communities we serve. We thank our customers for their donations and hope to do even more in 2021 to help the four-legged animals we so dearly love.


Ann Siner

CEO and Founder

My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited