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Vegan Chic Stylish Alternatives to Leather

Posted by My Sister's Closet


Here at My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment, we’ve noticed something: vegan chic trends have been stealing the spotlight. And from faux fur to faux leather, the only thing that is far from faux is the gorgeous look of such an animal-friendly fashion movement.


Fabulous fashionistas, if you’ve decided to make the wonderful switch to vegan chic, you’re not alone. And thankfully, from handbags to shoes to those gorgeous long coats, the fashion world has vegan options to die for. (Relax, cows and minks, it’s just an expression.)


But with budget in mind and cause in heart, just where do you start?

Because we offer options that benefit those interested in vegan and wallet friendly fashion choices, My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment has your answer. Here are just a few of MSC’s vegan chic tips:

·         Research vegan brands: Before heading over to our San Diego consignment store, head over to the closest computer. Some amazing designers – such as the wonderful Stella McCartney – pledge to never use fur or leather in any of their designs. Doing a little research pre-shopping excursion is the best way to have vegan chic brands in mind once you step into the store

·         Focus on faux: From comfy non-wool sweaters to gorgeous pleather boots, faux will be your vegan chic friend. And though perhaps it takes a bit of searching, you don’t have to say goodbye to designer brands in order to say hello to animal-friendly fashion.

·         Get creative: Though faux can certainly be a great way to go, creative leather alternatives are always just around the corner – such as apparel and accessories made of cork. Make sure to think outside the box once you arrive at our San Diego consignment location!

If you’re going the route of vegan chic, there’s no need to bid adieu to designer brands! With a little research, a little time and a whole lot of passion for compassion, you’ll have no trouble finding stylish leather and fur alternatives at My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment store!