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Tweed. Yes, You Can.

Posted by My Sister's Closet

At our men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we find we’re constantly encouraging everyday guys to take the fashion leap.Yes, rock the shawl-collar cardigan (if you’re still typing the words “shawl-collar” into Google, think Don Draper’s downtime attire).

Yes, confidently pair classic sneakers with a suit for the perfect look badass/feel badass combination.

Yes, ditch the I-wore-them-on-Spring-Break-freshman-year-so-I-know-they’re-cool, low-riding hibiscus swim trunks for a pair of flattering, modern swim shorts.

But what about tweed?

Well, to put it simply: yes. Yes, you can.

When most guys think about tweed, they immediately think about that calc professor they had senior year. Remember him? The guy who somehow always had chalk smeared across his sleeves and perpetually smelled like mothballs? 

Well, gentlemen, welcome to the future. Say goodbye to your stale notions of tweed (and the newly awoken, previously repressed memory of your C- in calc), and say hello to a style designed to make you look cooler than Harrison Ford during a history lesson. Here is the Well Suited way to do tweed:

1.  Go modern: Though most guys think that the words “tweed” and “blazer” go together like “foot-longs” and “beer,” you don’t have to go classic when you’re wearing tweed. Trade the old school look for something new, like an unstructured tweed bomber jacket, perfect for a date or just hanging out at the bar.

2. Dress it up: In the words of the ultimate gentleman, “Suit up!” That’s right, we’re talking tweed suits. The trick here is to stick to a neutral color. Like with all suits, make sure it’s fitted, and pair it with something simple underneath (think grey suit, white collared shirt, black tie). If that's too boring, experiment with a colored pant. Anything to draw attention to your crotch area is subliminally sexy, right?

      3. Classic: You say “tweed coat,” we say “absolutely.” Though mixing it up with something like a bomber jacket is one way to go, you can still rock the classic style while looking modern. Go for a structured overcoat; a light brown is a great pick. Make sure it has some type of a collar, is well tailored, and hits you a few inches above the knee (this is not the Matrix).

So the next time you’re on the hunt for men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix, drop by Well Suited. We’re just saying - Professor Henry “Indiana” Jones better watch himself.