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The Walk of Game Mastering the Night to Day Look

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Don’t worry.

Here at our My Sister’s Closet Phoenix and San Diego consignment store, we don’t judge.

We’re talking of course about the one-thing-leads-to-the-next, which-bar-did-we-go-to, waking-up-wearing-last-night’s-makeup Walk of…well, you know.

Seriously – we’ve all been there.

But, gorgeous even-sans-hairbrush fashionistas, our Phoenix and San Diego consignment pros are here to help you go drab to fab, no matter what early morning-after brunch date you’re running late to. Here is the My Sister’s Closet way to turn your Walk of Shame into a Walk of Game.

1.       Get creative: So your eyeliner is a little smeared, your pout is not so perfect, and your hair is looking slightly reminiscent of one of those cartoon tumbleweeds on TV. Solution? A dollop of Vaseline and just a pinch of powder. Apply the Vaseline to your lips (it will smooth out whatever color you still have), your brows and your lashes to straighten up and lengthen. Apply the powder (not too much!) to your roots to get rid of the flat and greasies, and don’t be afraid to rock that overnight volume.

2.       Borrow, reinvent, and rock it: It’s time to channel your inner Clueless for a moment – yes, we’re talking about the fifteen different ways that Tai switched up her look before donning the perfect party outfit. Though you obviously (unfortunately), won’t have access to your closet, get inventive. Rock a guy friend’s flannel shirt with last night’s skinny jeans, through a friend’s vintage tee over your black bandage dress to get a laid-back, rocker feel. Hey, why not?

3.       Strut like you mean it: Our final piece of wisdom? Own your night to daytime look. Sure, you may not have been able to whip out the straightener for that pesky fly-away, but if you face the (too-bright) sun in your favorite pair of sunnies, a strut in your step, and a smile on your face, you may just be able to fool them all anyway.


And hey, at the very least, you’ll still have a damn good story.