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The Urban Cowboy

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Gentlemen, get ready. Our men’s consignment store San Diego and Phoenix pros are about to tell you something that may or may not be just a little life changing.

And it has to do with your lifelong dream of dressing up like the epitome of badass.

No. We are not advocating you finally whip out the black cape and batman mask you currently have hidden (“waiting“) in that one box to the left in the back of your closet.

Men, we are talking about none other than the look that was rocked time and time again by the ultimate badasses of the wild, wild, west.

Prepare to become the Urban Cowboy.

Less is more: We know it, you know it, Peter knows it: with great power comes great responsibility. When we say “Urban Cowboy”, our men’s clothes pros are not giving you a free pass to return to your boyhood hobby horse or slap a pair of a spurs onto your workplace Oxfords. Keep in mind as you read our how-to: less is more. The goal is understated and classic, with just a hint of “Don’t worry, I’ll wrangle that bull, no problem.” 

Start slow: We’d never knock Mr. Travolta, but please – no denim on denim. Here’s our recommendation: start slow with a light-wash denim shirt, buttoned, rolled up to the elbows and pair it with dusty brown Chinos. Option number two? Find a not-so-fitted flannel (no neon), roll the sleeves, and pull on a pair of not-so-skinny jeans – any wash works. At a loss? Check out our men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix, y’all. 

Experts (or actual cowboys) only: Were going to get a little more intense here with the hat, the boots, and the buckle. Unless you’re Toby Keith, its Halloween, or you’re actually herding a group of cows, let’s go ahead and nix the hat. The boots? If you must, our recommendation would be to wear a pair as understated as you can – something shin length, slightly covered by jeans, and a deep brown. And the buckle? Hey – why the hell not? Go crazy, cowboy.

The number one rule to remember when going for the urban cowboy look? Stay understated and own it.