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Pulling it Off Unique Items and How to Wear Them

Posted by My Sister's Closet


At our men’s consignment stores in San Diego and Phoenix, our Well Suited pros get asked every fashion question in the book. From how to find the perfect suit to which tie to wear to that interview, we’ve heard (and seen) it all. But in the end, there’s one question we probably get the most: 

“I like it, but how the hell do I wear this?”

Because we feel that every man should get to own every style he wants, we’ve put together our list of three unique items, and how to wear them. Here is the Well Suited guide to pulling off that look like a pro:

The leather jacket: You nodded your approval at Tony Stark’s in Ironman. You noticed Brad Pitt’s as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. And after watching Top Gun, you knew it was time to either buy your first, or get your private pilot’s license. We’re speaking, of course, about the leather jacket. Though undeniably badass, most men don’t know how to wear the leather jacket. Here’s the trick: go classic and low key. If slim fit is your thing, try pairing it with a collared shirt and skinny tie. If you’re after the Harley look, keep it simple with a neutral colored t-shirt. And please – stick to jeans. You’re not a T-bird.

The cardigan: Sure, you’ve seen guys pull them off. Your girlfriend seems to like them. But when it comes down to it…well, should you do it? Hey, if Daniel Craig does, you can. When looking for a cardigan, look for a lightweight, loose fit. Though it shouldn’t hang like your class of 99’ sweatshirt, it doesn’t have to be crazy slim fit either. Navy, black, and gray work best with whatever you’re wearing underneath – and that’s probably the best part about cardigans: you can wear pretty much anything underneath.

The denim shirt: Maybe you’ve seen it on the cover of GQ, but you’ve never seriously considered wearing a fitted denim shirt. We mean, c’mon, a denim shirt, are you about to go lasso something? Stop smirking and go buy yourself one. Pair a fitted light wash denim shirt with a dark colored skinny tie, or leave it classic with the top button unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up to your elbows. Pair it with jeans, white Chinos, whatever. Seriously. Do it.

No matter what style you’re after, the pros at Well Suited, our men’s consignment store in San Diego or Phoenix can help you find it and rock it. Check out our online listing of men’s designer clothes in San Diego online at