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Gentlemens Resale Wish List

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Our Phoenix and San Diego Consignment store stylists know: it’s that time of year again. Holiday parties at the office, drinks with visiting friends at the bar, Christmas dinner with the in-laws (yikes). And whether you’re rushing to work, to the airport, or to the store for that last minute errand you’ve been sent on, the winter season can be a busy – okay, downright demanding – one.

That doesn’t leave much time for standing in front of your closet wondering what the dress code is.

But don’t drop by packed department stores on the way home from work just yet. Though your favorite tried-and-true sportcoat and slacks may be looking a little ragged, dealing with the holiday rush won’t make grabbing the perfect (last minute) dinner party blazer any easier. Or more bearable.

Gentlemen, why not just try a Well Suited Phoenix or San Diego consignment store?

Avoid the mess (and prices) at the mall, grab your size (and color and fit), and go. Feel like you need a few extra pieces? Here’s what to look out for while looking through Phoenix or San Diego consignment items: 

·         Stock up on sweaters: Nothing says low-maintenance and damn good looking like a sweater. No matter where you’re headed this winter – from ski resorts to home for the holidays – a v-neck, zipper, or basic wool will work perfectly for any event or gathering.

·         Suit up: You already know you look good in a suit. And you know nothing fits every occasion better than a suit (Neil Patrick Harris, anyone?). You also know the great suits don’t run cheap. But at a Well Suited Phoenix or San Diego consignment store, you get the best of both worlds: pay less than you thought you would and still walk out looking as suave as Don Draper himself.

·         Toss out the ties: And get some new ones. Planning on passing off last year’s Christmas dinner tie stain as a fresh one you didn’t even notice until tonight (it sort of blends in, right?)? Don’t. At Well Suited, you’ll find ties for so much less than at department stores that you’ll have trouble believing their consignment store price. Go ahead; get all four, why not?

So whether you’re trying to figure out what to wear, making that Christmas wish list, or have been told its time to throw out those baggy sweatshirts (not that everyone doesn’t love the old “college class of 99’” classic), Well Suited has your back. To check out our website or find the address for our Phoenix or San Diego consignment store locations, visit us at