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Find the Perfect Sunglasses at our Mens Consignment Stores

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Any stylist in our men's consignment stores in San Diego and Phoenix can nonchalantly rattle off 1,000 reasons why the west coast is the best coast.  But besides the year-round summers, beach bonfires, vineyards, mountains, and our legendary laid-back attitude, rocking sunglasses year-round is perhaps our favorite west-side one up.

If you’re in the market for a dapper pair of designer shades, look no further than Well Suited. Our impeccable designer shades have the labels you love without those sky-high department store prices. But before you head in to our men's consignment stores in San Diego and Phoenix, make a game plan.

Sunglasses are an investment well worth your time and money because, in all likelihood, they’ll be a daily staple in your get-up. Choose wisely - your coloring, environment, and the shape and size of your head can all make or break your sunglasses’ look.

If your face is…

Round: go for boxy or rectangular frames (like wayfarers) to make your face seem more angular. The frames should be slightly wider than the broadest part of your face, creating a longer, leaner appearance.

Oval: you’re one of the lucky ones – you can pull off pretty much any pair of shades. Your point of attack, however, is to choose the proper size. Small frames which hardly cover any space between the top and bottom of your nose will make your face appear extra long, so go for somewhat larger sunglasses. Give pilot shades a shot.

Square: strong-jaw types should try to draw attention upward with curvy, top-heavy frames to soften your look a bit. We bet you’d look sharp in some aviators. 

Heart-shaped / Triangle: offset a wide forehead with rimless, narrow frames which are wider at the top than the bottom. Try a pair of classic Raybans for a hip, stylish look.

After you decide which style will complement your face, think about where you’ll be wearing them. Do you wear a suit to work every day or are you a certified beach bum? Invest in sunglasses which will fit your style AND lifestyle. And don’t forget to bring your old pair of designer sunglasses with you to Well Suited. We’ll sell your like-new shades for cash, so you can trade up 100% guilt-free.