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Appropriately Rocking Shorts at Work

Posted by My Sister's Closet

At our Well Suited men’s consignment store in San Diego and Phoenix, we know all about the “Should I or Shouldn’t I” dilemma.

It can happen on a first date, when you’re not quite sure if that new white blazer you bought (because, c’mon, Jay-Z looks so badass in his) is really just overkill.

It can happen the first time you meet the parents, when you suddenly realize halfway out the door that your light brown chinos have last week’s barbeque sauce stain on the right pocket, and you’re wondering if you really need to change or if you can just play if off like it happened this afternoon.

And it can happen when you’re trying to pair your favorite nine-year-old college t-shirt – you know, the one with the faded letters and the rip under the armpit – with a pair of Levis, because hey, isn’t it kind of vintage? (Dude, just don’t).

But today, we’re not talking about an awkward first date or dinner with the parents. We’re talking about articles of clothing you can wear in a professional setting. We’re talking about how to appropriately rock shorts at work.

The “Should I or Shouldn’t I” wear shorts to work dilemma is one that’s probably been debated for centuries. It is appropriate? Is it weird? Does anyone want to see that much man leg?

The short answer? Do it. Though there are definitely some styles to stay away from (in two words: athletic shorts), if you follow these easy guidelines, you’ll soon be dripping with swag instead of sweat during those harsh summer months at the office:

 Check the length and fit: Too long, and you’re wearing man capris. Too short, and…just don’t go too short. A safe length is at the knee, or at most, an inch above. Additionally, if you’re worried about your shorts being too tight, they probably are. While you should never lean toward “baggy” while at work (or, let’s be honest, in general), you’re going to want a comfortable fit: structured at waist, and loose around the knees.

 Color and make: Do not - we repeat - do not wear jean shorts to work. Stick to clean, classic Chinos, and leave the crazy prints to your swim trunks. Viable colors: white, gray, navy blue, royal blue. Check out our men’s designer clothes in San Diego or Phoenix for more options.

 Match the outfit: to the shorts. Just because you’re going more casual down below doesn’t mean you can dress down on top. Try a nice looking button down, potentially rolled up to the elbows, and a pair of clean boat shoes. The look you’re aiming for is simple, professional, clean cut, and low key. If your fashion sense just can't be tamed, opt for a preppy print like madris or argyle. Belts and tucked in shirts are optional, depending on how causal you want to look.

While it’s always a good idea to scope out the office before you show up to make that major business deal with knees exposed, shorts at work (provided they’re clean, wrinkle-free, and professional) are A-Okay.

Hey - if Kayne does it, it’s fine by us.