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Hot Spring Trends in 2022

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Spring has sprung sooner than most of us have expected it to; birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and spring fashion has already hit the runway and stores near you. This can leave the average person wondering what trends are hot like the season, and which are going to leave you out in the cold. Not to worry, we’ll set you on the straight and narrow on which ones to follow for spring 2022.

  1. The Bigger The Better- Select pieces that will make your frame seem bigger and bulkier than it is. Fluffy jackets, dresses with over accentuated hips, and oversized pants and shirts rule this trend. 

  2. Power Colors- It’s no surprise that bright, rich colors are taking over in the springtime. Feed your need to stand out in bright fuschias, oranges, reds, and pinks.

  3. Beach Ready- If you’re a beach bum, this one’s for you. Mix your swimwear with your other clothing to create an outfit that shows you’re ready to hit the waves.


  4. It’s a ‘Sheer’ Thing- It’s time to show some skin! But not really. Sheer fabrics are a perfect way to create an ethereal look that can show off the body while still keeping that hint of mystery.

  5. Me-wow!- Credit Kim Kardashian for this look, because catsuits are in this spring. Don’t be afraid to show off those curves in these skin tight pieces; the tighter the better!

  6. All About The Bra- This will be a lazy girl favorite; take your favorite lacy bra, bandeau, or bralette and just rock it. No top needed. It’s the perfect mix of sexy and minimal effort.

  7. Tails and Trains- A long train isn’t just for the bride anymore. Choose dresses or tops that have simple or exquisite trains and tails to add a little flair to your outfit.

  8. Work that Shoe- Take your work shoes out of the office and onto the streets this spring! From boots, to platforms, to loafers, get them out from under your desk and into the open.

  9. Puss In Boots- Shatter expectations with knee to thigh high boots this season! They’re a classic, and a must for every closet, even in warmer weather.

  10. Mmm Watcha Say- Brand names, logos, and sayings on your clothing items are a huge hit for spring. Show off your love for your favorite brands, and get the word out about your opinions right on your clothes.

  11. Honey I Shrunk the Fashion- Micro pieces are totally in right now. Purses the size of a piece of candy. Tops and shorts that cover the bare minimum. Make that big statement with a tiny treasure.

  12. Going on a Stripe Hunt!- Really embody your inner zebra, because you heard right, stripes are back in! Any color stripe is welcome of course, but that classic black and white can’t be beat.

  13. About Face- It’s important to round out the look with the right makeup. This year the focus is on natural skin, very flushed cheeks. So go ham on the blush and easy on the concealer and foundation!

  14. Pantone’s Very Peri- We of course can’t forget 2022’s color of the year, very peri. This is a bluish purplish shade that’s flattering on a range of skin tones, so keep this color in your arsenal.

So now you know what’s what, it’s time to shop your closet to see what you have in your collection already. Of course stop by My Sister’s Closet to find the spring trends you’re dying for at affordable prices to make up for what you’re missing. Hope to see you there!