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Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Posted by My Sister's Closet

Photos by: Tanielle Gilbert

As summer’s heat fades to fall’s cool breezes it has become the time to indulge in things that can only be enjoyed when the season turns. Watching as the Autumn leaves turn crisp, splurging on expensive pumpkin themed drinks, and of course, seeing what’s new in the fall fashion line up. Last year we were all bundled up inside, unable to really explore creative fashion trends, but this year is a different story. So grab your favorite blanket and a cup of cocoa; we’re going through some of the top fall trends of 2021 that are sure to bring that autumnal feel to your wardrobe.

When one thinks of fall, color is not what usually comes to mind. Pastels and neons usually reign supreme in the summer. However, saturated colors are in. Brilliant jewel tones such as magentas and rich mustard yellows paired with bright pops of pink and blue are considered appropriate fall wear this year.

It’s time for skinny jeans to scoot over! Even though they’ll always have a place in our hearts, looser fitting denim is the trend taking over autumn of 2021. Mom jeans, straight cut jeans, and other looser fits are making a comeback. This trend is especially cute when paired with a tighter fitting top to balance out the bagginess of the denim.

Knits are a fall essential, so of course they would be mentioned in this list. In particular, the sweater vest stands out this year from the rest. Whether on its own, or paired with a button up underneath, the sweater vest makes a statement that you’ll definitely want in your closet repertoire.

This next one is going to be easy for those who don’t live in snowy weather. Showing a bit of skin can be as fashionable as wearing clothing itself, which is why this fall trend is asking that we show a little midriff this season. Of course, show what you’re comfortable with, whether that’s just a little seam of skin seen while in motion, or full on midriff.

No need to pray for your ankles this year ladies! Retro platforms are in, so you can get that extra height that you want without having to don the dreaded stiletto. So feel free to swing with the seventies and walk a mile in this trend.

Last and certainly not least, there’s a little sparkle and shine. Sequins and sparkly pieces of clothing are making an impact this fall season. Adding a sequined skirt or shirt to your outfit can really give you that glow up that you’ve been searching for.

So whether you want to play bold with color, and stay safe with knits, there’s something for everyone on this list. Fall is the time of year for comfort, so being comfortable while playing around with your fashion is fun and encouraged. That being said, I challenge you to try something you might not have before; you might find yourself enjoying something you never thought you would have.