My Sister’s Closet San Diego Consignment Store

There may be lots of other San Diego consignment stores, but they're sort of like the cubic zirconia of resale. You deserve the real thing don't you ladies? Whether you're consigning a clutch or shopping for a skirt, when you step into My Sister's Closet you'll feel like a big old diamond was just slipped on your finger. Kind of gives you the tingles huh? We’re confident that after one experience consigning with My Sister’s Closet, you’ll forget all about those other San Diego consignment stores.

San Diego women have a style all their own so swing over to My Sister's Closet San Diego consignment store. You can consign last season's favorites, pick up some cash and plunk it back down for the newest fashion gems. Oh and in case you're wondering, when you consign at My Sister's Closet San Diego consignment store you can be sure you'll be paid promptly and fully. Not like at those other second hand impostors. We’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality shopping experience possible, from the moment you approach the building to the instant you exit the door, arms lined with shopping bags full of gorgeous goodies. We get it, we’re equal part label elitists and savvy shoppers too, so we can’t wait to give you the best deal on the best items ever!

And if you’re ever craving a certain someone, give us your number and we’ll call you whenever pieces by your favorite designer walk in the door. No really, it’s no problem! Now ditch the clothes you’ve overdone and put on something fabulous.

Our store is located at:

8610 Genesee Ave., Suite 200
Costa Verde Center (Across from UTC)
San Diego, CA 92122
Phone: 858-455-0045


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